The aerial pictures and photographs taken during the Trolley Mission in May 1945 represent an extraordinary historical value for the history of the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States Army Air Force. At the moment, the author Markus Lenz is looking for more images. He is going to ask veterans’ organizations, bombardment group associations, and individuals who have posted such aerial pictures on Flickr, on Facebook or on other social media channels. Much of the research can be done via the Internet.

The research result will be a large collection of aerial views for the “Saxon State and University Library”, one of the largest and best endowed academic libraries in Germany. At the Saxon State and University Library, there are many online compilations of photographic and cartographical works. This would be the right place for any aerial photo taken during the Trolley Mission in May 1945. Looking for aerial photos, recognizing and identifying them, and analyzing the flight routes are a requirement for creating such a “Trolley Mission Collection” at the Saxon State and University Library.

The entire research is no commercial work - it’s an academic study. Therefore, the author Markus Lenz needs your help! Did you stay in a B-17 or B-24 bomber during World War II? Did you get the opportunity of being a passenger of the Trolley Mission in May 1945? Maybe your father or your grandfather has participated in those observation flights in May 1945? And, perhaps you've inherited these photos? Are you still a member or an employee of a bombardment group association? Perhaps you can search for such photos in your family records.

If you find historical aerial photographs (oblique photos) of Germany and Europe taken during World War II in May or June 1945, please contact the author Markus Lenz. We will find a way to digitize, to analyze and to license these images found in your records and photo archives.

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Trolley Mission

This website analyzes extraordinary sightseeing tours of Germany at the end of the European War (Second World War). In May 1945, there were non-stop observation flights over Germany - subsequently referred to as “Trolley Missions”. During these low-level flights across Europe and Germany aerial photos were taken showing the bomb damages of German cities.