Because it is an academic work and research in Germany, publications are written in the German language, unfortunately. Markus Lenz is still working on new publications in the English language. But it takes a lot of time. Note, after 70 years it's very difficult to find people who can give information about the Trolley Mission. And, for a German author, it's even more difficult to understand relationships and infrastructure of the United States Air Force in 1945. But so far, there are some English books available on bookstores.

The Trolley Mission 1945
Germany, 24 Hours After World War II

ISBN-13: 978-1-3109-7603-2

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Trolley Mission

This website tells the story of an extraordinary sightseeing tour of Germany at the end of the European War (Second World War). These “Trolley Missions” were low-level flights over Germany between 7 May 1945 and 12 May 1945. Sometimes these missions are also called “Low Level Mission”, “Low Level Tours” or “Cook’s Tours”. During these flights across Europe and Germany aerial photographs were taken showing the destruction of German cities.