Southern Flight Route

Southern Flight Route

The Trolley Mission flight routes covered the targets of the industrial heart of Germany. The total target area would cover a map from Libia in North Africa to Oslo, Norway, and Czechoslovakia to the coast of France. There were two flight routes for the Trolley Mission over Germany between 7 May 1945 and 12 May 1945: The Northern flight route and the Southern flight route.

Because the army of the Soviet Union conquered the eastern part of Germany, the Trolley Mission routes principally covered the western part of Germany. The two flight routes were depending on the weather conditions. Both routes lead all along the Rhine river.

During the Southern flight route on German territory the pilots flew from Mannheim and Ludwigshafen to Aschaffenburg, Hanau and Frankfurt/Main. Then they flew along the Rhine river from Wiesbaden to Mainz, Koblenz and to the Remagen Bridge. After that, they flew over Bonn, Cologne, Dusseldorf and the Ruhr Area. There were no landings during the flights.

Trolley Mission

This website tells the story of an extraordinary sightseeing tour of Germany at the end of the European War (Second World War). These “Trolley Missions” were low-level flights over Germany between 7 May 1945 and 12 May 1945. Sometimes these missions are also called “Low Level Mission”, “Low Level Tours” or “Cook’s Tours”. During these flights across Europe and Germany aerial photographs were taken showing the destruction of German cities.