Aerial Pictures and Photographs of Germany at the end of World War II

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This web site and its collection of war pictures and aerial photos does not have any commercial purpose. It's an academic study, looking for aerial pictures and photographs taken during the Trolley Mission in May 1945, recognizing and identifying them, and analyzing the flight routes. But this photo archives is the best way to identify cities and to recognize places as well as areas on the aerial photographs because Internet users can help identifying these arial views. Please, visit the German web site on because there are more photos which were identified by German Internet users.

Aerial Pictures and Photographs of Germany at the end World War II
Aerial Pictures and Photos (Chapter I)
These aerial photos are taken during the low-level tours in May, 1945. We were identifying Bremen and its dock area, the Elbe river from Hamburg, Hamm Marshalling Yards, Cologne and its famous cathedral, Bridges across the Moselle river at Coblenz, I.G. Farben Plant at Ludwigshafen and Mannheim and probably the bridge that played the most important part in the final subjection of Germany, the Remagen bridge, etc.

Bombing Germany - Aerial pictures and photographs of World War II
Aerial Photos and Pictures (Chapter II)
These aerial pictures are taken by crew members and passengers of the 44th Bombardment Group. We were identifying Munster, Osnabruck, Hamburg and its harbor, Brunswick (Braunschweig), Hanover (Hannover), Bielefeld Railway Viaduct, Frankfurt am Main, Aschaffenburg, Mannheim and bridges across the Rhine river, etc.

For reaching more people - especially descendants, children of bomber pilots and bombardment group members - the author, Markus Lenz, wrote an e-book for the Amazon Kindle device. This e-book was written in the English language including more than 20 pictures, charts and maps. But note, the e-book is only a brief summary. Markus Lenz is still working on a new edition of this e-book. But after 70 years, it's difficult to find people who can give information about the Trolley Mission. And, for a German author, it's even more difficult to understand relationships and infrastructure of the United States Air Force in 1945. But so far, the e-book edition is actually a good way to find eyewitnesses and to generate attention to this special matter of World War II.

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The Trolley Mission 1945: Aerial Pictures and Photographs of Germany, 24 hours after World War II Kindle Edition