Aerial Pictures and Photographs of Germany at the end of World War II

About Markus Lenz

Markus Lenz was born in 1975 in Frankfurt, Germany. He got his High School Diploma specialized in Latin Language (Latinum), Physics and German History. Then he studied economics at the Universities of Frankfurt and Marburg, where he was assistant at the department of business computer sciences. After that, he was working for many years in the international mechanical and plant engineering business, including long term positions in South Korea. Coming back to Germany he became director of a management consultancy firm in Frankfurt, Germany. The focus of his current activities are consulting in the field of strategic management and project management.

Author and Pilot Markus Lenz
At the age of 30 years Markus Lenz discovered the passion of flying and was making the private pilot license for single engine aircrafts (PPL/SPL and Ultralight). He is a member of some aero clubs in Germany, and member of the aero club “Aviación de las Aulas” on the Spanish island of Majorca.

As part of his economic and historical interests, he became a member of the International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services (ANSA) in Switzerland. Therefore he is researching in the field of aviation cartography and aviation history. For writing him, please use or the telephone number 0049 - 321 - 2136 2198.

For reaching more people - especially descendants, children of bomber pilots and bombardment group members - the author, Markus Lenz, wrote an e-book for the Amazon Kindle device. This e-book was written in the English language including more than 20 pictures, charts and maps. But note, the e-book is only a brief summary. Markus Lenz is still working on a new edition of this e-book. But after 70 years, it's difficult to find people who can give information about the Trolley Mission. And, for a German author, it's even more difficult to understand relationships and infrastructure of the United States Air Force in 1945. But so far, the e-book edition is actually a good way to find eyewitnesses and to generate attention to this special matter of World War II.

This e-book is available for the Kindle Paperwhite:
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The Trolley Mission 1945: Aerial Pictures and Photographs of Germany, 24 hours after World War II Kindle Edition